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queencarly's Journal
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Monday, May 28th, 2007
1:21 am
Yesterday i went to Wembley, where i saw my beloved Bristol Rovers win promotion to league 1. It truly was an amazing day, which fulfilled a bit of a lame dream of mine, but a dream fulfilled it still was. I have always been a rather passionate football fan, even if i dont indulge this passion all too often, and yesterday was the height of passion for any fan. I am truly pleased with this weekend. And additionally happy because everything else in my life seems to be going wrong at the moment, it is uplifting to have something positive to look to, however trivial. The day was slightly incomplete due to the obvious absence of my dad, and although it upset me somewhat, i have not felt so close to him for a long while, and this was a good feeling.

Well done Rovers, thank you for bringing me a ray of sunshine in what seems to be a period of grey, i needed it.

Current Mood: sunny-er
Wednesday, February 28th, 2007
3:56 am
Church, Mentalism and Ms Jackon, an eventful few days.
So, starting with 'church'; i believe Chris covered pretty much everything i have to say about it. Except that i am now 100% sure that i am reasonable and theists are insane, the best thing about the whole service was feeling superior. I am sorry if that offends but my cognitive faculties are clearly more in tune than the offended.
Post-insanity, food and drink were consumed at The Bell with all the other heathens, twas good. Followed by poker until the early hours, the day just got better and better.

Last night we ventured to Optic after watching UEA lose to a bunch of retards on University Challenge. The first time i had been on the drinking side of the bar since i was a fresher. I got drunk, had muchous fun, then twatted out big stylee. Nothing else needs to be said. Those involved know i am deeply sorry and ashamed and have the good grace to forgive me, because they are amazing.

This evening I confirmed a new girl-crush. Kate Jackson is sexy as hell, a gorgeous cross between PJ Harvey and Blondie, wailing about love, loss and all the other fun stuff. The Long Blondes summoned energy from deep within my terribly hungover self before i thrashed out at nearly new night. And didnt get remotely drunk. go me.

other news headlines;
Hayley has wonderful breasts. Chris' braces are most entertaining. Burnt orange is apparently a good colour on me. I know far too many Christians. Duncan thinks i am out of control. Po's have changed their vodka from poison to Absolut. Varun is quite possibly harder than Ed.

Current Mood: knackered
Thursday, February 1st, 2007
1:44 am
I get by with a little lick from my friends...
We drank, we danced, we licked the night away! Last night was one of the best so far this term, and although we are only three weeks in, thats an achievement!! The Po is our temple and God-damn do we praise it! Drinking games are still fun, and still will be even when I am old, surely. Old music is the shit and cheese on toast rules in the drunk food stakes.

My friends are amazing because they are all as bloody mental as I am, we accept and embrace our lunacy, hell yeah!!!

Fake Brighton Rocks on friday. Can we possibly top last night???

Current Mood: silly
Friday, January 12th, 2007
1:20 pm
Bloody fuck,I completely forgot that Livejournal existed, mostly due to bloody Facebook sucking me in and generally turning me into a crazy stalker. More to the point, even when I have had fleeting thoughts of the height of emo self-obsession, i figured everyone else had given up on it. But of course not, as if Devine and Boxface would ever let something so beautifully self-indulgent just slip away. Hello my darlings, the Emo Kings, welcome me back to the fold xxx

Current Mood: like i have just come home
Sunday, September 10th, 2006
7:26 am
"Yes THAT motorcycle accident"
I have tried to write this journal entry so many times in the last 24 hours but each time I just couldnt find the words, or the words I found just didnt look right. Now i realise that whatever i write, now, tomorrow or next week, the words are never going to look right so I am just going to post whatever I manage to string together right now. On Thursday night, on his way to work at Optic, my new friend Tom Sturman was killed in a motorcycle accident. Or rather a car accident,as it was the car that did it. The car was speeding and the accident was so bad that, perhaps fortunatly, Tom died pretty much instantly. I want everyone to know this, not because i want you all to feel sorry for me, but just so you know that Tom lived and then he died and inbetween he was a good, generous, kind, interesting, opinionated and funny person. He was also young, naive, mischevious, horny and blunt. I dont want to make you all miserable, but i do want you all just to know that however many times we forget it, glaze over it, hide from it, life is not fair and it is random. No i dont want you to know, becvause you already do, I jusdt want to remind you. I dont know what to say now without slipping into talking about how I feel, why i am sad, etc. So i guess i am going there. I only knew Tom for 2 months, but in that time we had become friends. Sometimes friends take a long time to make but other times you meet people who you simply fall into step with, who easily and honestly become part of your norm while you are still building a friendship with them. Tom had very easily and quickly become part of my norm, and we were on the way to becoming pretty good mates without needing work as a connection. So i feel all the usual, sad, angry, lost, numb and cheated. Except on a more managable level than, say, losing your best mate. Whatever I am feeling, i know his brother/mum/girlfriend/close and old mates are feeling it a thousand times worse. Which makes me feel more miserable because I know that. Grief is a selfish feeling. Anyway I am done in, being sad makes you very tired. And it is 7am. I no longer have the energy to discuss/write about this, i am drained and i feel starting to make no sense/babble/burst into a ball of flames due to the friction between my crowded thoughts. What more can you say, even all that was pointless.
Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
12:32 pm
yo dudes, im off to bristol for a week for some fun and birthday frolics. So i will catch you guys in a while. Put Sunday 10th sept in your diaries, drunkenness, somewhere, maybe my house, to celebrate me being 22. love you all, dont do anything too exciting while im away!

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
1:30 pm
I have a job. At optic. Well this should be fun.....
Monday, July 3rd, 2006
1:38 pm
yo yo people!!! i am back and wanting muchly to make you all laugh many times with my hilarious holiday anecdotes! so whether you want to laugh at me or with me, get your sexy asses out tonight for some drinks! Also this is my last night of alcohol for 2 weeks as i need a detox but thought you guys deserved one night of drunken Carly before i go crazy! call me/text me if you are up for some fun and frolics! Pub garden is a definite! xxx
Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
4:12 pm
I have just realised that this house seriously lacks glasses etc, soooooo if anyone has some plastic cup/spare glasses we could loan/have bring them over tonight, please and thank you xx
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
6:42 pm
Today I got up rather late, had a luxuriously long shower, dolled myself up to suit the sunniness of the day and lift my mood, and set off into town sporting some free feet and pure poser shades. I crossed the road several times to stay in the sun, sneakily checked out a few interesting faces, and smiled in reciprocation of some flirtatious looks. I checked my bank balance and was pleased to see that i had enough money to get me through til loan, just, phew. So with wallet lamely loaded, i headed for the electrical store on my quest for a new keyboard, so i can actually do some work. The shop was busy so i attempted to find my prize alone, wandering around, well quite honestly like a (stereotypical) girl in an electronic shop, until i was approached by one of the most charming (yes charming) and helpful shop assistants i have come across in, probably ever. I say charming, his looks generally wouldnt have batted an eyelid, but i left with a smile and a new prefered electronic shop. Much more boring shopping was done, a little splash out on some "beauty" products and some cool new red flip flops, then i headed to tesco for some hummous and cake. A treat. Seeing as i was treating myself, some gorgeous flowers were bought on the way, had to settle for roses though as there were no tulips. I strolled home, warm and pleased with my purchases, a beautiful punk checked me out and an old man greeted me with an innocent good afternoon, i smiled broadly back, to both.
Sounds truly average, but it was a really good, perspective forming couple of hours.
Tonight a friend of becki's who i'm now on good terms with, is coming over for dinner. His dad died of cancer four days ago. Its completely rubbish, but i know exactly what he is going through so its chin up, act normal and laugh at myself and my minor problems.

In case your still wondering, Tom broke it off yesterday because hes changed his mind about the whole long distance thing bla bla bla. It was all very sensible and amicable and he even sent me a "friendly" text today. I am ok, so no outcries of sympathy, seriously i've got better things to do at the moment than have some sort of mourning period or whatever. Roll on working with Ben and his political vision, like always, when one thing goes wrong something good always happens, c'est la vie.

Current Mood: okay
Wednesday, April 5th, 2006
1:04 pm
Ok, heres the deal. Seetickets have sold out. HMV stores anywhere near us or anyone i know have sold out. The bastard scum of the earth that are ticket tout sites are selling weekend tickets from £225 upto £350. This i simply cannot afford. So i am faced with a dilemma. Buy two day tickets for saturday and sunday, giving Tom or someone my tent to take in the car (as day ticket holders are not allowed in with camping gear) and still get to enjoy the majority of the weekend. OR wait and see if anyone has a spare they can sell me for a reasonable price.

decisions indeed.

and i should be writing my essay but this is so much more important right now!!!
11:24 am
i hate everything. My stupid fucking bastard credit card didnt have enough money on it by TEN POXY POUNDS and now they have taken my reading ticket away. I am truly miserable.

Current Mood: guess
Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
8:33 pm
Today has been good. It was sunny, and dave randomly dropped by to say hey and see if i fancied a stroll in town and i catch up. I really did, he actually must have read my mind. and oh fuck yes zane is playing sublime! and i bought a new hat! yay, good omens for brocks x
Sunday, February 12th, 2006
12:35 pm
damn vcr's and their ever increasing uncoolness, can we just make them retro now so i can continue along with tapes, and can this go for my tape walkman as well??
Saturday, February 4th, 2006
9:48 am
oh bollocks i was smashed last night! Sick in a drain by all accounts! Am awake far too early as always when been drunk, feel immensely sick but have 3 or 4 good pics from last night and am pretty sure i had fun,so its all good! if i offended anyone/pissed anyone off with my drunkness then im sorry but tough ha.
think i might go back to sleep now urg....
Saturday, January 7th, 2006
5:42 pm
oh bloody hell. i met the coolest guy last night, who just happened to think i am amazing. i wont go into detail but i took a bit of a drunken risk and went back to his house and now i wish i hadnt. not because it was bad, the exact opposite, and then some. dammit, why dont i meet great guys in norwich? dammit dammit dammit again. *sulks*

however, heehee, *grins*

ps: hangovers only get worse as you get older but are so much more fun when you can share them!

Current Mood: sleepy
Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
4:21 pm
hmmm its tuesday. i have fallen very far behind in my essay writing the last couple of days. partly due to 'accidently' getting drunk yesterday, all daves fault, he practically forced me! then came home quite intoxicated to find becki, sarah and jim in my front room with 2 spliffs on the go, in hysterics about stupid people being sent into fake space, and i soon joined them! was nice suprise. but now i feel guilty as i really should have been doing work!and was supposed to save night off for tonight so could go to Po's but dont think thats gona happen now as i have far too much to do. crap.
Thursday, December 8th, 2005
12:09 am
broken windows, christmas musings and the token essay whinge
weah so much bloody work to do and so little time!am nearly done on one of my essays but this is hardely encouraging as i still have two more to go, one of which is 4000 words and the other is incredibly hard and a type of essay that i have never done before, darn. am putting so much effort into the essay i am currently doing that i can see myself being too wiped out to do the others all that well, damn it i really wish i had given myself more time...again. unfortunatly there is bugger all i can do about this now so i really shouldn't bitch and whine but hey whats livejournal for?

Today i broke a window in our kitchen, which was pretty stupid! its completely smashed and theres glass everywhere, but gave me and becki the chance to do some handywork in the form of nailing stuff to the door to cover the hole, which was actually quite theraputic. we also made friends with our rather odd but obviously kind neighbours who gave us plastic stuff to cover it with and actually offered to do it for us. i know its a really mundane offering but it was nice to see some human kindness. it also gave a welcome distraction from work, hmmm perhaps i subconsciously broke the window on purpose so i could have a break! i hope not, i cant be that desperate to escape essays surely!
i seem to be being quite distructive of late, my clumsyness is reappearing after laying dormant for quite a while, i broke my laptop last week by spilling water all over it when i was drunk! so i am now using a usp keyboard which is quite annoying, as it is going to take a month for the computer guy to get a replacement keyboard. feel very sorry for my computer, she has really had some tumbles lately.

really looking forward to the end of term when all the deadlines are out of the way. cant wait for a good night out with everyone all relaxed and antipating christmas. mostly though, i am just waiting to go home. really needing the r&r, some home cooking and my mum! cannot wait to take my dog on long walks around the farms by my house and visit the horses. its going to be great to be out in the fresh cold air and actually think without anything getting in the way. i really need some good thinking time as my head seems to be so full of useless information and worry, and some good long walks will help make some space for next term. not so much looking forward to christmas day as its still going to be hard without my dad, but we are staying at home and i am cooking christmas dinner this year, me, mum and jon are going to get drunk and play games all afternoon, like we used to when we were kids rather than going round someone elses house and doing christmas 'their' way. im sure it will upset all of us somewhat but also i hope it will be homely and relaxed and be a day of just us being a family, which i miss a lot.

talking of christmas though, i have all of about £40 to buy everyones presents this year, so i am going to have to do some seriously good thinking about what to get people on such a limited budget! fortunatly most of my mates are in the same boat so we are just going to have a big night of drunken fun and games instead of buying presents, going to get some pass the parcel and other nonsense on the go, each of us buying a prize for the winner of each game and making sure we all get one! should actually be muchous fun.
but if anyone has any ideas for cheap good pressies, im totally open to them!

ok essay is calling me so better get back to it, hopefully i will be able to get some sleep at some point in the next 24 hours but im not holding my breath.

Current Mood: and distructive
Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
12:40 pm
i have a very bad feeling about last night. i know i was really drunk and i know i did some things that i probably shouldnt have. am complete drunken twat. wish all my common sense didnt leave me as soon as alcohol enters my body. theres a knot in my stomach that tells me mistakes were made. im sorry.
araaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg, i feel crappy.
on the other hand, had big girly chat with cheryl which was good cuz now i understand her a little more and am very glad she opened up to me, even if it was completely alcohol induced.
bollocks, i cant write anymore as feel to sick and no longer want to think about last night and my stupidity haha.
Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
12:45 am
bloody hell i really need to go home. am fucking miserable and hate it because i have no fucking reason to be so. i dnt know whats going on at the moment but everyone else is either really happy or having problems with their boyfriends/girlfrieds, and seem to think that i am an ideal person to talk to about it! well im not and i honestly right now, at this moment, DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!! selfish as this may seem, im bloody sick of all my attached mates bitching and whining about how crap their other half has been, or how much they miss thm etc etc. dont get me wrong, i love that my friends are trusting of me and wish to share their confidence, and i value this trust more than anyone would presume, but for fuck sake does no-one ever think that maybe, possibly, carly doesnt actually give a shit about mundane little couple arguments when she is so fucking miserable? oh boo hoo your other half is arsey about you going out! well having an other half would be nice! perhaps its so obvious that i will always be alone(well maybe not always) that people feel they can stress this shit on me without me being fazed, perhaps i can give an objective view seeing as my life is so devoid of such troubles. oh my i really do sound like a bitter old spinster. theres no way of articulating this feeling without sounding horrid, but seriously cant people find someone else to moan to about really ordinary couple shit? dont get me wrong, if one of my mates is having serious trouble with their relationship then i am here for them, as i would be for any other troubles they have, but does noone consider that its actually quite tortuous to hear of the little squabbles and bitchings that people have about the ones that love them, when i have noone at all and am quite obviously alone! i know i am being a selfish bitch, i really do, but my patience is being stretched.
im really very happy for chris and caroline and duncan and milly, but man i wish i had some of these guys luck! i mean chris (for example) has managed to find two people whom he is capable of loving and of loving him back in ONE friendship group when many of us cant find one person anywhere!! i must sound so desperate and sad (which im not really), but you try being around people who are pretty much all attacted and not feel shitty about your own single life. no, a boyfriend isnt the answer to my problems, and would possibly make life harder, but fucking hell it would be nice to have someone right now, just so something was going well in my life!
am figuring this little spaz-out is partly down to the 3 glasses of wine i have drunk while sat in my bed reading a rather enjoyable but love based and slightly trashy novel but bollocks to it, has been pissing me off for weeks and i guess i just needed the outlet! man, i so thought you were supposed to grow out of these things when you stopped being 17, bur hey newsflash, it just gets worse because you repress it more! at the same time that i damn everyones happiness i bloody well rejoice in it too as it gives me hope!! hahaha i really do sound like a spinster!

Current Mood: frowny
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